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Introduce to you Grand Master Huong Phan

Permanent make up Conference
Grand Master Huong Phan

Huong Phan is not only a highly skilled and conscientious Aesthetic Tattoo artist but also a pioneer in introducing European Permanent Makeup Technique to Vietnam. With the outstanding technique, she has instructed and shared her experience with thousands of trainees in many countries. However, those accomplishments are exchanged by constant efforts and tradeoffs for her dream and passion.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Business Information from University of Munich, she continued her Master’s course at University of Regensburg. In her last term, she had the opportunity to get closer to the field of Aesthetic Tattoo and she seemed to find her own passion. Regardless of her previous educational background, she entered the Cosmetic Tattoo career with high expectations: “Change the fate of Vietnamese women living abroad”.

Without fear of starting from scratch, she has been attached to this field since 2013. Until 2015, she chose the International PhiAcademy in order to improve her knowledge and develop her skills. She was appointed to be the academy’s technical instructor in Microblading Phibrows in 2016. Furthermore, she launched a lot of courses for both Vietnam and Vietnamese people in other countries. She is extremely proud that she was the pioneer to introduce Microblading Phibrows to Asia, and she is pleased to have taught more than 3000 trainees in Asia such as: Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and in Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Korea.Eventually, her efforts were acknowledged when she was chosen as one of the first 5 recipients of the Phibrows Grand Master award in 2017, the PhiAcademy’s highest accolade. After 5-year cooperation with the academy, she decided to split up to find her own path in mid-2021.

To identify and recognise Aesthetic Tattoo talents, she often held international conferences and competitions in Vietnam. The Nano PMU – Wulop Vietnam 2022 event held by her on 8/2022 has found amazing faces for the Aesthetic Tattoo industry in Vietnam. Being true to her original intention, she has brought life-changing opportunities to numerous people, especially Vietnamese women. Furthermore, there are a great number of her students reaching success and becoming famous at both national and worldwide level.

Her next goal is to bring the Nano PMU technique closer to the world. The use of specialised ink colours to create long-lasting tattoos even after years, the manipulation of the needles precisely, movement analysis of the needle into the skin to create thin particles, minimise damage and maximise ink retention, are the unique techniques of Nano PMU.

With the desire to create professional tattoo artists as well as great teachers in the future, Nano PMU’s lessons include in-depth knowledge from Medical Hygiene, Customer Service, Knowledge of Ink Tattoos, skin and human health to Aesthetic Tattoo Marketing… The Nano PMU online app is available to all course participants and allows them to enhance extra experiences for their career.

Nano PMU was established in mid-2018, including an automated aesthetic tattooing method which was found and developed by Huong Phan. Like its name, Nano PMU comprises thin and delicate techniques: Shading, Ombre PowderBrows, Ombre Eyeliner, Lip Blush, and Nano Hairstroke. International Aesthetic Tattoo Academy in Vietnam is where she is mainly teaching. She is accompanied by 10 professional teaching assistants. She trained 100 new recruits monthly for the Aesthetic field. The Best Skill Ombre PowerBrows technique gained great success and has significant influence on the Tattoo community around the world.

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